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Christian Marital Assessments program

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Course investment is: $150.00

Number of sessions: 6 to 7


  1. What are the key topics covered in this course? This course meets Georgia standards as to what qualifies as counsel by clergy in order to receive a discount certificate towards a marriage license. Areas covered include everything from Relationships, blended families, finances and keys to a successful marriage.  Best course online!
  2. Course availability after enrollment:  Course available up to 60 days after sign up.
  3. Who is the instructor behind this course:  Pastor Robbie Bible has taught this class for years in person. Because of the overwhelming amount of interest from other states, Open Arms Outreach decided to now offer the help online.
  4. I live in Georgia, how can I get a certificate or speak with a Pastor:  Each Georgia resident can receive a certificate towards a discount on their marriage license, providing their city allows for one. To do so, please contact the outreach office, at the number listed at the end of the course to schedule and appointment. Out of State/country participants may also speak with a Minister by calling the number at the end of the course as well. 
  5. Who should take this course: Any Christian couple looking to start of their relationship as equally yoked.
  6. Can singles take this course:  Yes, fee is same for couples or singles
  7. Can we enroll if we live in different states or countries? Yes, but you will need to take the quizzes together with your significant other.  You can speak with each other before posting the quiz or discussion answers.
  8. Does my fee contribute to any worthy causes?  Yes, all proceeds support the marital program and warm blankets for the homeless program through Open Arms Outreach Inc.
  9. Where can I learn more about Open Arms Outreach and how they help Georgia and surrounding communities?  Please visit for more information.
  10. What is your refund policy: Funds go to support our many outreach causes. You have 12 hours from enrollment to cancel your course and request a refund. No refunds will be administered after thus time.